We acknowledge that Covid19 which is the reason schools are still closed to-date is the current contributor to the escalating number of teenage pregnancies in our country.

Three months ago, Caring hearts Uganda partnered with some Community leaders from Kamwokya to make a difference in the lives of a number of pregnant school-going teenagers living here. We started teaching the girls how to sew and with consistent training, they are now excellent tailors.

Today, I and Reverend Esther presided over the handover of sewing machines and other things used during childbirth to those who successfully completed the training. We hope that those who can not go back to school after giving birth will start up tailoring businesses in places that we have secured for them within the community. We have faith that the small tailoring businesses will enable them to look after themselves and their babies.


I really appreciate my personal friends and my followers on Facebook and Instagram who contributed towards this cause.
Thank you very much.

The little we can do, we must do.