Just a few years ago, I was that little girl who looked forward to school visits made by my role models, termly.
Today, I was not that little girl anymore. Instead, I was invited to the S.4 Prom Party at St. Joseph’s girls’ school Nsambya as a role model. How time flies!

Little girls anxiously waited to hear what I had to say to them. And what did I tell them?


Well, I informed them that today was menstrual hygiene day and that a big number of Ugandan girls
their age are not able to access a sanitary pad.

I explained to them that most girls living in the villages do not spend their time in school but on the farms digging on contract or what you would call (omuzizi, lejaleja, umubyizi), to be able to earn One thousand shillings every day so they can buy themselves reusable sanitary pads.


Most of the little girls in my audience today, could not comprehend how one even begins to wash a sanitary pad! I then told them that most of these girls in the villages wash the reusable sanitary pads with water alone. They were amused when I told them that currently, soap is an expensive household item.

Using an illustration of a bar of soap, together we computed how many other things are equivalent to the price of a tablet of soap. I went out to recruit your children’s future role models and I think I got disciples.


We talked about careers and how best to prepare for the next phase of their lives. I had a great time there and would like to thank the teachers for the invitation.