Training & Sensitization

Girls & boys in Kasanda District

Nobody can stop reggae

The team from caring hearts Uganda and our dear partners from the Joel ssenyonyi foundation, the zaake zivuge foundation and the hon. Woman member of parliament for kasanda district flavia kalule nabagabe went to kasanda district today to loudly drum our message that;

  1. No girl should miss a single day of school because she is menstruating! Therefore, we shall ensure their daily school attendance by teaching them how to stitch their own reusable sanitary pad which they can use during those days.
  2. No Beautiful African Queen/Princess should ever again experience menstrual stigma! That is why we involve the boys in our menstrual hygiene classes.

We paid a visit to over 400 students of st. Charles lwanga lwangiri sss and delivered awareness and training that will ensure that most Ugandan girls will go to school and stay there the bigger part of the school term without menstruation challenges.

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We believe that menstrual health, primary healthcare & proper hygiene is a basic right. We can't wait for government to do ALL the work when we can help. The little we can do, we must do.

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