Community Outreach

In partnership with Rotary Club Acacia sunset

Each One Reach One

Caring hearts uganda and Rotary Club Acacia sunset (plant a smile) sent representatives to the ghetto of Kamwokya to pay a visit to single Mothers who struggle to sustain their large families consisting of mainly very many children below the age of 5.

The main reason for this visit was to meet,talk and then figure out ways to equip them better with self sustaining tangible jobs. We love partnerships. Thank you Rotary Club Acacia sunset for walking our path and believing with us that Women empowerment is one of the major things this nation needs for its development

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We believe that menstrual health, primary healthcare & proper hygiene is a basic right. We can't wait for government to do ALL the work when we can help. The little we can do, we must do.

Semakokiro Plaza, Kamwokya

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