Skilling teen mothers; preparing future mothers

Maganjo, Luweero & Wakiso district

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Menstrual hygiene is a topic most of our cultures treat as taboo. We at caring hearts Uganda believe that this is a secret in plain sight and that we should have an open detailed discussion about it. On May 28th 2019, we celebrated the international Menstrual hygiene day at God’s Will High school in Maganjo where we interacted with students and discussed issues concerning good Menstrual hygiene management. We then had a session of Counseling and empowerment where Monica the co_founder Girl Up Uganda and Diana from Diana foundation spoke to these students.

We most importantly took an hour to learn a skill—hand sewing of reusable sanitary pads is a skill we so believe every boy and girl should have for the benefit of themselves and that of the people they love.

Earlier on, our team of Volunteers went To Kabubbu a village in Wakiso District where there is quiet a high number of Teen mothers. For our “skill a teen mother” project, we recruited a number of them to participate in our Hairdressing and Tailoring trainings which we carried on for three months. When we were sure that our students had perfectly mastered the skill they were learning, we handed over a number of sewing machines and hairdressing materials to each one of them depending on what they learned. We believe that Skilling these teen mothers and giving them materials to start up their own personal businesses will help them to meet their day-to-day needs and those of their children.

Fifty Teen mothers in Katikamu, Luwero district graduated in tailoring after an intense three months of training and skilling.

We are grateful to our partners who facilitated this training and also went ahead to buy new sewing machines which we gave to each one of these qualified teen mothers. We are hoping that with continued support from our entrepreneurship team, these teen moms will run their fashion businesses smoothly and earn enough to feed themselves and their babies.

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We believe that menstrual health, primary healthcare & proper hygiene is a basic right. We can't wait for government to do ALL the work when we can help. The little we can do, we must do.

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