Trainers’ Training

Capacity building: Kamwokya, Kampala

Each One Teach One

Step 30 is a friend to our organization. Their passion for menstrual hygiene matches ours. Step 30 offered to join us for the “TRAINERS TRAINING” that was held at our head offices in Kamwokya.

We chose to have this special class because we believe that many people out there would love to learn the technique of making a hand made a sanitary pad with the aim of being helpful to their communities. Since we can’t make a difference single-handed, we decided to invite the general public to be part of this change that we badly need as a nation. The people that converged learned this technique and went out into their communities to teach and train girls in dire need. We are still waiting on testimonies of how much positive change they impacted on their specific societies after the training we gave them.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We believe that menstrual health, primary healthcare & proper hygiene is a basic right. We can't wait for government to do ALL the work when we can help. The little we can do, we must do.

Semakokiro Plaza, Kamwokya

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