Luwero teen mothers skilling project.

Caring Hearts Uganda has for the past 10 years equipped Teen Mothers with skills to enable them to start up businesses where they can earn a living so as to meet their needs and those of their babies.

Our mission matches well with this year’s United Nations International Women’s day theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,”.

In relation to the above theme, we agreed to celebrate the brave teen mothers who enrolled for and completed our tailoring course in Luwero district.

Our celebrations however did not go as planned, blame it on the RDC and the Uganda police who disrupted us.

With clearance from the police, Caring Hearts Uganda together with Katikamu South Member of Parliament Hon. Hassan Kirumira and the area Woman Member of Parliament Brenda Nabukenya, went ahead to organize an event to celebrate the successful conclusion of four months of tailoring training for fifty teen mothers who have been under our care.

Fast forward, the Police woke up on their shameless side of the bed. They Cordoned off Ndejje Nawabango field, seized the truck in which the sewing machines were loaded and took it to the police station, tear-gassed the teen Mothers and their family members who had converged, arrested and whisked some away to an unknown place, violently broke the maternity delivery beds that we had planned to offer to the hospital and confiscated re-usable sanitary pads and scholastic materials.

We condemn the demoralizing behavior of our police and assure the people of Uganda that we will stand firm on our promise to continue to practice our calling which is to empower teen mothers regardless of all the challenges such as this.

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